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Licensing Agreement PDF

Say you are a Stay-At-Home mom (or dad!) who knows how to knit or crochet and you'd like to make some extra money on the side. Or maybe you just love crocheting and knitting as a hobby but always make more items than you can use. Whatever the case, we are happy to announce that you can now make items from our patterns and sell them! We are offering this Licensing Agreement to allow anyone who purchases our patterns from us to sell dolls (or bears or bunnies or hats or sweaters) for a small royalty. You pay $50 to get this license, and you are permitted to sell up to 12 items created from our patterns per year, that's less than a $5 fee per item! Each listing counts as one item, no more than one doll per listing. No limit on doll clothing or doll accessories per listing. Licensing Agreement is valid for the one person knitting the items. Non-transferable.


This purchase is only for Agreement only, no patterns are included therein and must be purchased separately.


YOU MAY NOT USE THE PATTERNS TO BASE A BUSINESS AROUND—that could cause confusion with our customers and will be removed for such.


🔐 As the pattern designers and product creators, we use decorative details to set our items apart from the items created by our pattern customers. If you begin to duplicate details of ours which are not included in the patterns, it may cause confusion with our customers and will be removed for such--details included are fulling (felting), jointing, copying facial features not included in the pattern, or attempting to make animals or people which no pattern is offered, etc. We reserve the right to keep ownership of those private details not included in the pattern. The Licensing Agreement ONLY covers the patterns as they are written. As a reminder, modifying patterns is copyright infringement. 🔐




In purchasing this agreement, you are authorizing your participation in the contract outlined therein:


Licensing Agreement

Agreement is made and hereby binding beginning on the date of purchase between Licensor (Out of the Thistle®) and Licensee (you, the purchaser), as follows:



1. The Licensor is the owner of the Intellectual Property described written here in and under herein referred to as “property.”


2. The Licensee is requesting from Licensor to allow Licensee to temporarily sell articles created by Licensee using the below described property, in following the stipulations and honoring the outlined parameters.




The Licensor grants license to Licensee to sell articles created only by the hands of the Licensee within a twelve-month cycle of date of purchase of this agreement. Agreement expires exactly one year from date of purchase. It is not transferrable. Only one agreement per customer per year. Agreement is only binding with receipt of purchase of this agreement. License is only approved for one Licensee, not available for commercial operations. License is non refundable.

The Licensor grants license to Licensee to sell a maximum of 12 (twelve) articles created from Licensor’s pattern(s) in total during the course of the one-year Licensing Agreement term. Multiple pattern purchases does not increase this number. Licensee is only granted 12 (twelve) in total. Licensee must have proof of purchase of pattern files.

The Licensor grants license to Licensee to only sell finished articles. Licensee is not granted permission to sell any digital files, workshops, videos, photos, tutorials, artwork, or printed items of the property.

In purchasing this agreement, Licensee acknowledges that they are not purchasing any rights to the property, but only purchasing an allowance to sell 12 (twelve) articles specified. Licensee is not permitted to use the Intellectual Property in creating a different version of the designs.

In purchasing this agreement, Licensee agrees to disclose that the articles were created using the Out of the Thistle® Intellectual Property in the item description, and Licensee is prohibited from using the business name or any other trademarked or copyrighted names of Licensor in the title or tags ie. “this doll was created using the Dress Up Doll pattern from Out of the Thistle® and I make no claims to ownership of the design or names” —also “this bear was created with an Out of the Thistle® pattern and I make no claims to ownership of the design or names.”


The Licensee is not permitted to use Out of the Thistle® photos in advertising or promoting in any way, nor are they permitted to photograph dolls made by Out of the Thistle® in any resell or to use as advertisement.


In purchasing this agreement, Licensee agrees to not sell completed articles to any third party sellers. Articles are permitted to sell by personal means only.

In purchasing this agreement, Licensee absorbs all responsibility of articles, including but not limited to: safety, quality, and durability.


Allowed articles available to sell include only items created from Out of the Thistle® PDF crocheting/knitting/sewing/embroidering patterns. Licensee is not permitted to sell any other type of Out of the Thistle® products.


The Out of the Thistle Company owns all design, trademark and copyright rights and transfers none to Licensee. The Licensor reserves all rights of removal of any listing not honoring these parameters specified herein. The Out of the Thistle Company will seek legal recourse against any party selling articles created from Out of the Thistle® PDF patterns without a binding valid Licensing Agreement.

Accepted and agreed upon this date of purchase.


Binding 02/15/2020 and all dates thereafter.


In purchasing this, you are agreeing to these terms.

Licensing Agreement PDF

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